Quinara, Highland Coffee


Legend has it that a group of loyal Inca warriors, commanded by their leader Quiñag, arrived at a remote valley with the order to hide the treasure that should have been delivered, as a ransom, in exchange for their king Atahualpa. Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conqueror, did not comply with his word to respect the life of the Inca king. Thus, the fabulous ransom treasure was hidden, has never been found.

This is the legend of the Treasure of Quinara.

Towards the southwest, in the province of Loja, is the Quinara town; the pleasant weather, the whispering rivers and natural tranquility invite you to rest; the palmyra river of crystal clear waters recreates an almost magical corner. Quinara, with a subtropical climate and fertile lands, is located in the foothills of the Sabanilla mountain range. In the family orchards, from the region, are planted and harvested fruits in a traditional way.

Among them an aromatic, delicious, coffee.

The real treasure of Quinara


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