To the golden beaches of the Caribbean island of Martinique arrived in 1714 under the protection and care of the headstrong Mathieu de Clieu, a young French officer, the first coffee tree. The restless and green slopes of Mount Pelée sheltered the dawn of the intense red of the coffee plantation. Around 1726 the first successful harvests prompted the white sails that would carry the seeds and the good fame of the coffee to fill the orchards of all the Caribbean islands. It would soon arrive in the lands of Central and South America where will find a fruitful home for centuries to come.

The variety of coffee that arrived in the Americas has a name and surname, “Arabica Typica”.  Although throughout its history, in lands of the new continent, did not have to deal with pirates, corsairs or buccaneers, truth be told their destinies crossed for once in the stormy journey to the tropical islands. Tunisian pirates stalked the sailboat, but a night as dark as roasted coffee they were luckily outwitted.

Caribe Coffee – Arabica Typica – lives up to that brief encounter. Beyond the circumstances and legends, the stories of coffee and pirate stories are so rich in details and emotions that deserve, even for a brief moment, to share a delicious and aromatic moment.

Café Caribe offers a variety of tones, notes of flavors keeping in mind that you like one more than another.

Although we prefer light roasted coffees for their intense and sweet flavor at the same time, with good acidity and bitterness. We do not neglect medium roast coffees, rather balanced, and dark roast coffees with strong accents, deliciously bitter.

This special mixture, of legends that were not and a variety of exotic flavors, are reflected in the intensity of the colors of our packaging in contrast to the design that evokes those times of arduous trade between the Caribbean islands – the Antilles – and the world. The new world, young and enigmatic, full of promise. Our tribute to the future that we imagine as it is, young and enigmatic.

Enjoy it!