Soulful Coffee Collection


SOUL Roastery Coffee has been known by many for their fine robusta coffee beans, and as the new season comes, SOUL has put their mind and spirit into the process of developing the new fine flavors which would make many coffee drinkers excited about. Combining the process of fermentation of traditional straw rice wine and local craft beer, SOUL has been able to create the all-new (never-before) soulful coffee flavors; and these are the tribute of SOUL to their origin–the land of coffee, Buôn Ma Thuột.

The journey of the coffee bean from farm to cup has inspired us all, this really shows the passion, the love, and the dedication of SOUL to keep pushing the boundary to always be creative in what they do. And in order to capture that love and passion of SOUL, we have decided to use hand-drawing technique to create visual artworks for the new packaging. Acrylic painting is a very common technique but quite an exciting approach to create a raw, authentic, and unique look for the new visuals. Each painting will be the representation of the beautiful land, the passionate farmer, and the wonderful coffee. A unique color palette has been applied to differentiate flavors or the unique tastes of each pack; such as red and violet for spicy, green and blue for sweetness, and so on. We will then carefully photograph each individual artwork and apply it on the final label designs.

Hopefully, we would be able to transfer these raw and unique tastes into the new look of the packaging, and maybe inspire and excite you all–enthusiastic coffee drinkers.