Finca Deborah Echo Geisha


Assembly Coffee is an award-winning coffee roastery based in Brixton, London, sourcing the rarest and highest quality coffee beans from innovative producers worldwide. Our processing methods are often experimental, and pioneering in how we redefine quality while providing exceptional flavour experiences.

The main objective for this project was to create the packaging for the Echo Geisha, a coffee roasted, brewed, and served by Assembly Head Roaster Claire Wallace with which she won the UK Barista Championship in 2022.⁣

The coffee was produced by Jamison Savage at Finca Deborah using a pioneering technique named the ‘Echo’ process – a method that reintroduces cascara to the coffee cherry during controlled fermentation.⁣ This was our main inspiration for Echo’s design concept.

This coffee is one of the most expensive and rare varieties, and as is the case with coffees of this caliber, they often get frozen to preserve their freshness and get brewed on special occasions. That’s why we decided to vacuum-seal the beans inside a metallic pouch, ready to be stored.

The main goal was to focus on the story and process of the coffee and use this as an opportunity to showcase it. The story cards are presented in a royal blue colour, a reference to the winning status of the coffee.

We used the fonts to express the “Echo” concept, creating a pattern that represented an echo sound wave in two semicircles that meet in the middle. The italics are the “echo” of the regular font creating the effect we wanted. The same goes for the story cards. The three-sized cards are all based on the “echo” concept with the small blue card creating the other two “echos”.

Story cards and coffee pouch were then put inside a heat-sealed clear envelope to create a great unboxing experience for the customer.