Saurabh Bende

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Jaggery is one of the most commonly used food items in Indian households. It is used as a healthier alternative to sugar in many of Indian recipes. Most of the jaggery is produced by farmers in rural areas and is generally sold without packaging to prevent the packaging cost. Selling the jaggery unpackaged has several disadvantages like hygiene and less marginal profit due to unbranded product. I met local farmers and jaggery producers whose insights helped me to come up with better packaging solutions equally beneficial to both jaggery consumer and producer. The current packaging is a simple conical box made of recyclable cardboard material. The box is strong enough to easily hold the 500g and 1kg of jaggery block.

The conical shape of the box which is similar to the shape of jaggery block makes it easily identifiable as a jaggery packaging. The box is provided with a void to make the packaging more transparent to check the product before buying. There is a traditional practice of checking the quality and type of jaggery before buying based on its color. The cut-out on the box allows the customer to check and be sure about the desired quality of jaggery. The box is made of bio-degradable cardboard material and is recyclable, doing no harm to the nature. The graphics and colors used representing natural elements gives an organic feel to the packaging.