SUNBRB Sunscreen Cosmetic


Москва, Россия

SUNBRB Sunscreen Cosmetic

The Chistyi Dom company decided to launch its own line of sunscreens. This brand is below the average price segment. The client designated the Biocon cosmetic brand as a competitor in this niche. Since the product should be cheap, we decided to take a standard container for production. The task from the client is to develop a label design.

The visual concept was based on a texture associated with the sea. Smooth lines that look like waves, or prints in the sand — you can choose any association, which you like.

In total, 7 sku were sold in the line: sun spray 150 ml SPF 20, after sun milk 150 ml, after-sun baby spray 150 ml SPF 50, spray oil 150 ml tanning activator SPF 6, sun spray 150 ml SPF 50, sun spray 150 ml SPF 35, sunscreen 150 ml SPF 50, sunscreen for children 150 ml SPF 50.

The SUN BRB product line is sold in the Chistyi Dom network both offline and online.