Av. Manoel Daniel da Silveira - Acaraú - CE


Let’s introduce Galleta, a brand of healthy cookies. The approach is friendly, fun, clean and modern. It all started when the brand owner came to us in search of a brand identity and packaging design.

His goal was to have a striking and prominent look on supermarket shelves. The goal has always been to use vibrant and eye-catching colors, essentially highlighting the product, and a clear hierarchy of basic information along with a minimalist packaging that highlights logo, flavors and descriptive stamps.


Create a new package of healthier cookies that could change the perception of consumers in the national and international segment, since Galleta also intends to operate in other markets, especially Latin.

It is not a Vegan product, however the ingredients are rigorously selected, obviously prioritizing the taste, so that consumers can consume a product without guilt.

CLIENT: Tetra pack alimentos
YEAR: 2022