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The project is about the design of a corporate brand and packaging for delivery with boxes of different sizes for different types of customers. We will provide a more convenient and faster trading experience for businesses and individuals. Idea comes from an ecosystem of technological products and services that facilitate the commerce of the reality of the Portuguese market, called Loja do Dia, hence the choice of the name.

When we start the day, we need to be well fed to face great challenges, so starting the day well-fed is of paramount importance, and knowing that, we have the egg, a food that, in addition to being versatile and easy to prepare, contains numerous benefits. “It helps in increasing muscle mass and, because it contains antioxidants, such as vitamins, selenium and zinc, it delays aging, improves the immune system and helps in the prevention of diseases”


The idea was to create a minimalist brand that well represents the brand’s attributes, with fluid strokes such as the yolk and white (fluid), forming a spiral that represents the movement and shape of an egg, and a symbol that refers to the sun and movement, characteristics of the services provided by the brand.

Eggs of the day

Country of origin: Portugal

Operator name: Loja do Dia S.A

IT services and consulting

Operator Address: Lisbon, Lisbon, (Portugal) YEAR: 2022