Mil Días by Tiffany&Co is a luxury design campaign that intends to shine a light on one of Spain’s biggest culinary treasures: Iberian Ham. This quality product should see no barriers, and be appreciated worldwide.

In order to enjoy the Mil Días Ham adequately, we have designed The Tasting Gift Box. Inside you will find a selection of Spain’s best Iberian Ham, along with Tiffany&Co utensils to enjoy this treat. Because of our diamond cut technique, each bite of ham is perfect for you to experience its taste. The perfect cut for the perfect bite.

Our packaging design is elevated with The Tasting Pedestal, intended to elegantly serve the diamond cut ham during prestigious events. In addition, Mil Días includes a third type of packaging in which the same quality ham is thinly sliced for a more traditional tasting experience. These slices are presented in air sealed envelopes, where each design is inspired in a Tiffany&Co jewel.

Remember that a diamond is not only extraordinary because of its appeal but because of how delicately it is treated throughout its journey. This ham has gone through a similar path.