CHROMA is a revolution for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market. Due to the growing need for customisation and sustainability, CHROMA offers solutions for both. Its innovative packaging is double dosage and, thanks to refillable and sustainable cartridges, it is able to dose a product in multiple ways with only one container. Thanks to its mixing chamber, we can achieve dozens of shades in the make-up sector with only three cartridges, making it an ALL-IN-ONE pack that can be completely customised by the consumer.

The concept behind the packaging is to reflect the technology from a scientific, technical and customisable point of view, without forgetting sustainability. This is why, at a structural level, it is made up of several refillable cartridges that offer individual dosage or a mixture of all of them. In addition, the secondary packaging has been printed without ink, only with deboss printing. The amount of paper has also been minimised by printing the instructions for use on the box itself.

On a graphic level, each colour has a nomenclature that winks at the periodic table, as well as being associated with a number to make it easier for the consumer to understand. White is predominant, as it reflects the essence of a laboratory and at the same time shows the concept of the multiplicity of colours; a blank canvas to create.

The cosmetics industry is turning towards new concepts that respond to new needs. In addition, practicality is adding value to products, due to an increasingly time-constrained society. An ALL-IN-ONE, practical, sustainable and customisable packaging was the objective to offer new innovations to the sector.