Branding Strategy & Design

Sakari is a sake brewery from Nishinomiya, Japan. In addition to brewing its globally awarded sake – whose brand was designed by Sublimio – Sakari has also introduced its own gin line, produced with sake-derived ingredients: a new refreshing challenge and a completely different market. Sublimio was called to develop a positioning and identity that would put Sakari Gin on the map.

We took advantage of Sakari’s roots in sake brewing with the payoff “The Japanese Craft Gin with a Sake Soul”, which marks the main difference in taste profile.

The label for Sakari Gin employs a subtle texture inspired by rice grains, the main ingredient of sake, while precious golden leaves recall Japanese nature.

We helped Sakari with a brand strategy that pinpointed the elements of differentiation both from the brand’s own sake line and from other Japanese gins.


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