Brand Identity & Packaging Design for a new Belgian coffee shop that produces chocolate-flavored specialty coffees

Combining the traditional and world-renowned Belgian chocolate with the most consumed prepared beverage in the world, this delicious combination gave rise to Colne Coffee™.

A new Belgian coffee shop that produces specialty coffees with a chocolate aroma. Feel the experience of tasting the highest quality and intense aroma of Arabica coffee with the fascinating flavor that chocolate provides.
The brand focuses its product line on 4 flavors that uniquely generate distinct sensations for your palate.

For a product with an irresistible appeal, we created an identity that rescues the coffee tradition and transforms it into a charming, current and sophisticated approach.

The name ‘Colne’ consists of the linking of the words: Cologne, Coffee and Pralines, keywords that summarize the brand’s DNA. We wanted the Brand to have at its core, its Belgian origin aligned with the recognized sweet and the rescue of traditionalism with the coffee colonies.

We develop all Branding, including brand strategy, brand architecture, naming, product design, visual identity, packaging and 3D design.

The logo has shapes inspired by Belgian architecture, based on the Renaissance, but also has influences with the historical and cultural context of Belgium. We defined an expressive identity, which is supported by a harmonious chromatic palette, flat style illustrations and the versatility that the logo can be implemented regardless of the graphic applications that I may come up with from now on.

Finally, to generate a consumer experience, we created a gift-giving box containing a personalized cup, a can of coffee beans and a packet of roasted and ground coffee.