In the new era we live in, the competition for sales, branding and more effective communication with the audience has reached its peak. One of the most effective factors of a brand’s superiority over other competitors can be packaging that looks attractive to the audience and properly displays the product’s capabilities, and ultimately leads to more sales. About the plan: Candy Head (candy head) This product is designed for small size lollipops and since this product is more intended for children, it was decided to create a character named Candy Head for the packaging of this product. who has a sweet and attractive face, along with hair made of colored candies that make Kenny Head’s character more attractive and different for the audience while looking out of the window of his ship and like a candy superhero for children who It gives them color and taste, in the combination of colors, the visual appeal of the work has been tried to be high to quickly attract the target audience to choose their product.


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