En Poques Paraules


Setciències is a mature, powerful, intense red wine with volume. It’s complex, intellectual and involves a lot of science in its creation. The consumers are knowledgeable wine connoisseurs who aren’t shy about it. On the other hand, Bocamoll is a fresh, friendly, sensory and expressive white wine. It’s light, young and carefree. Its consumer maybe has one sip too many and ends up spilling secrets.

These two very different Catalan wines share a winery; En Poques Paraules. And it is precisely in a few words (or not so few) that they introduce their personalities to the world. The red wine label is a collage of articles, maps and pages from textbooks, while the white’s wrap is inspired by tasting placemats where you doodle and write down all the comments and ideas flowing through your mind.

Staying true to the land, the names are all in Catalan. “En Poques Paraules” means “In a few words”, “Setciències” is a know-it-all and “Bocamoll” someone with a big mouth. They are, after all, wines that speak for themselves.