Brand overview
Mara is an Indian skincare brand for women between 18 to 40 years old who are looking for superior quality natural & 100% vegetarian alternatives to create clear skin.

Research & Problems
We found an interesting gap in the initial conversation with the client: There are top notch brands and there are very local/typical kind of brands available. Nothing in between that catches attention. This gap is something to cash on! There is a lot of noise on either side, so we created our own alternative gap, this solves our purpose.

Challenges & Goals
The challenges and goals were to create a unique product packaging design for natural & veg products and make the buying process easy for consumers without distracting them with the noisy and unnecessary information that makes them confused.


We created a modern, feminine, simple wordmark & a monogram that makes the name readable, clear, and easy to be remembered and recognized in various selling points.

For the packaging part, we designed a unique packaging design system by unifying the texture, look & feel so they can be recognized as being of the same brand, and to differentiate each product from another, we highlighted the product ingredient by using a prominent color used globally to identify it, so every product can stand out from the other products from the same line. Thus, the ingredient will be known before the consumer picks up the product from the shelf.

Brand Purpose

Mara brings thoughtfulness and understanding to active women by offering natural & 100% vegetarian alternatives to create clear skin.

Brand Mission

Innovation aimed at developing advanced skin & hair care products based on natural & 100% vegetarian ingredients.

Brand Vision

Create skin & hair care products that offer the best results and quality of life to global customers.