Domaine Gélinas Distilery | Family Grappa


Montréal, QC, Canada

Through its artisanal distillery, Domaine Gélinas grants itself a family portrait. Passion, terroir, hard work. A family of pioneers for whom “how” is the root of everything; a meticulous legacy that bears fruit. Each and everyone adds their own colour. Resulting in a range of handmade, heartfelt spirits.

This grappa is the perfection of the Gélina’s family know-how. Between equestrian aesthetics and goldsmithery, the typography was imagined and illustrated to pay homage to the master distiller’s father, Serge Gélinas.



Montréal, QC, Canada
Graphic Design: Maude Lescarbeau
Brand strategy: Sarah Farley Gélinas
Design consultant: Évelyne Harnois Lebeau
Copywriting: Kristina G. Landry
Photography: Vickie Rousseau
Print production: Steve Desmarais
Printer: Imprimerie Sainte-Julie
Domaine Gélinas