Barcelona, España

Highball is a coffee company inspired by rock and fueled by the need for adventure. In addition to selling whole bean coffee bags for the home, Highball offers a unique “tea bag” style coffee that is easy to carry and drink on the go.

Highball Coffee needed a Brand Identity to stand out in the online coffee market and appeal to the climber’s community. The goal was to create a rugged and bold look to make lovers of outdoor adventures feel identified with the coffee they drink.

The word highball is used in bouldering, a discipline of rock climbing. It defines a long, high off ground and difficult boulder problem. The logo has a big visual impact across all the brand identity applications. Its symbol is a representation of energy and adventure, combining the sharpness of rock and the crack line of coffee beans. It’s complemented with a solid typeface made of smooth curves and hard angles which provides a strong personality to the overall identity.

Highball’s customers care about products that are ethical and conscious of their environmental impact. The brand serves the climbing community and environment, ensuring all of its products meet the highest standards of sustainability: stepped coffee provides a compostable solution to change how people consume single-serve coffee. For every bag sold, Highball Coffee donates a portion of the proceeds to nonprofits supporting sustainable access and conservation efforts of the climbing environment.

The packaging has been designed to make their coffee bags instantly recognizable, attention-grabbing and climbing-inspired in its naming as well as graphic system.
In fact, all of Highball’s roasts are named after famous boulders and climbs across the US: Lucid Dreaming and Midnight Lightning, to name a few.
The pattern differentiates every roast by visually recalling the textures and colors of the related boulder through the repetition of the symbol shape.

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Barcelona, España
Photographer: Ethan Hickerson
Photographer: Kat Super
Highball Coffee