We had already successfully relaunched Morrison’s Counted and Free From ranges as part of a strategic revamp of its health and wellbeing portfolio. And now it was time to address Organic.

The brief? To rejuvenate Morrisons organic offering across the entire range of SKUs in line with a refreshed brand positioning and changing consumer behaviour around consumption of organically produced products.

It was important that we educated consumers on what organic stood for by defining a distinctive and disruptive identity and easy to navigate value proposition that would appeal to a growing spectrum of cross-generational entrants to the category, attract organic trialists and convert occasional users.


Consumer demand for organic products is extending beyond traditional fresh products such as vegetables, meat and dairy. While price remains a barrier versus perceived organic benefits and other more indulgent ranges, generally organic is seen as offering a superior taste experience and a more natural food choice.

Focused on the benefits of eating organic, ‘Let’s Eat Better Together’ aims to move Morrisons Organic from a range that relies on a natural back story to one that is invested in a more natural future.

Our new creative proposition positions organic not as a process, but as something much bigger. A mindset or lifestyle where everyone is welcome to play their part.  Where if we look after the earth and replenish the soil, we look after each other, now and in the years to come.

The resulting range design showcases a new organic illustration embodying the very spirit of the range, championing the rich, diverse layers of our environment and how it connects to everything we do. The organic colour palette and range navigation is born from the illustration, using natural earthy colours linked to the landscape.

The flexible label layout has an artisanal ‘batch’ feel, while each variant has its own colourway to aid navigation and differentiation, comprising three tones: a light top layer, an earthy core and a rich base.


Having defined wider sources of inspiration driving both shopper and consumer awareness and consideration, we’ve now elevated the Morrisons Organic range. Instead of following legacy category codes at a value for money price, we’re setting new standards that respond to increasing consumer experimentation and aspiration around food, diet and supply chain.