Roberge Design Branding

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Nature Nux offers a range of nut butters with no additives, no added salt or sugar, and carefully selected ingredients.

However, their previous packaging reflected just the opposite of what natural foods should be, with overloaded graphic elements, random an improvised illustration styles and a brand identity that belongs more to the low-end confectionery segment.

Roberge Design & Branding made sure that Nature Nux’s brand image could more effectively communicate its intrinsic qualities, by highlighting its main characteristic; healthy and delicious ingredients.

We also proposed to abandon the turquoise color of its lids and upper label tier, being directly associated of a national brand, filled with sugar.

Instead, we opted for a distinctive royal purple color, to take our distance from the competition, who are generally associated with mainstream vivid colours. This hue blends harmoniously with the nut butters colours and reinforces its premium positioning.

A dark ribbon, directly derived from the letter “N” and the particular typographic style, runs across the label to create a visual block on the shelves.

Beautiful, lush illustrations enhance the brand’s appearance, while easily identifying the different varieties.