Roberge Design Branding

Brand Identity and Packaging Design


Fox Trot is a range of bold, savoury snacks with a light and airy texture. The brand goes beyond traditional flavours and we have also been involved in the strategic process to create them.


Developing a new brand is always exhilarating and building it from scratch has been an in-depth process. Roberge Design & Branding was called upon to create the product name, the character and the visual territory of the brand. Witty story-telling scenarios have been imagined to highlight the flavours and to create an interaction between the products and the brand mascot.

Each flavour descriptors have been individually designed, with a playful use of typography and graphic elements, in order to underline the flavour and to contribute to the overall distinctive charm of the brand.


In the competitive snacks segment, saturated with options and varieties, the brand personality of Fox Trot is a real eye-catcher that stands out from the crowd.