zwqy .lab 造物起异

New landmark fruit packaging design (Cuixiang Kiwi fruit . Gannan navel orange. Luochuan apple. Dandong strawberry. gold Passion fruit)

Design Team: QingYou Studio

Completion date: July 2022

The appearance level of the fruit is a mirror reflecting the quality of the fruit. Our original hand-painted and delicate fruit illustrations restore the lifelike scenery of the orchard. Add small animal elements, fit the homophonic idiom, and break through the traditional format design. Bold and rich color collision design, rich and bright, manufacturing shelf highlights, so that readers never forget, strive to differentiation and brand sense, to create the only unified professional vision of super fruit brand. Acrylic cover shape, so that the product is visually visible, eliminates the opening of the selection, and eliminates the sale process of fruit caused by secondary pollution.