zwqy .lab 造物起异

Landmark fruit is recognized by more and more consumers and gradually goes to the international market.

Shuangpin (quality and brand) has gradually become the keywords of the development of all walks of life, but landmark fruit packaging design can not keep up with the pace of economic development. Protecting and making good use of national geographical indications and putting public area brand design on the agenda play a very important role in promoting regional economic development, attracting investment and inheriting cultural heritage.

QingYou Studio × national landmark product a basket of fruit creativity

Open way trilogy to wrap interactive structure innovation

The first layer:
“Scene packaging, restore the original orchard environment”
Fruits from different origins have their own cultures
Carefully draw harmonious pictures of animals, fruits and nature.
Spread an ecological picture on the package.
And at the same time go deep into user experience,
The fruit ripeness and sweetness are displayed on the cover, so that consumers can choose quickly according to their preferences.

The second layer:
Fruit section illustration design + brand culture
Add brand endorsements – enhance trust.

The third layer:
Fruit cut illustration + brand slogan.
We do it in the form of poetry,
Connect the landscape scenery of the place of origin with the product, strengthen the geographical attribute, so that the good quality of the fruit is obvious.

Three layers of packaging opening mode design, step by step, let customers eat fruit, first understand the core of the product.

Hope to improve the level of fruit packaging products to upgrade a grade.