Feixiangjia Year of the Rabbit Children’s Candy box



On New Year’s Eve, it is essential for families to get together and watch the Spring Festival Gala.

The shape design of the Rabbit Year gift box simulates the old TV and uses the mechanical principle of a transmission belt to create children’s Spring Festival Gala game of the Year of the Rabbit

Twist the handle to open the 2023 Spring Festival Gala: rabbits flock to play gongs and dance sugar dragons to create a strong New Year atmosphere.

The interior illustration is inspired by folk dragon dance activities. We created seven rabbits with different personalities by simulating the image of children. Each rabbit has its own unique character and clothing, which is funny, cute, tasty, and active

An interactive and playable Spring Festival children’s candy gift box
Design of original conveyor belt device
Let the picture move~

A playable New Year gift
A fun children’s candy park
If I go back to my childhood, I will eat a lot of candy