QingYou Studio x XingHe | fruit wine



QingYou Studio x XingHe | fruit wine packaging design

Telephone booths are the feelings of an era, sheng in the nineties of the last century, and finally at the beginning of this century.
Decades ago, it was quietly waiting for someone to use it, but now it can only be found in movies

The person standing in the phone booth tells their friends or friends on the other side of the room about their joys and sorrows
This packaging is taking on the role of communication, which is what we want consumers to experience fun

The lid on the top is even more ingenious
A lotus flower is hidden inside a round crystal lid
The moment I opened the box, the feeling of surprise

Different from the frosted texture of most fruit wines on the market
We use transparent glass for the bottle body design
There’s just enough slack, just enough white space
Applaud the talent and level of appearance in a bygone age of innocence