Xiangwo tea × QingYou Studio | new wabi-sabi breaks traditional Xiangwo tea.

New tea language small black pot, limited edition…Like a litter of tea bottle upgrade finally, inspiration originated in the modeling design of the cans, the appearance of the simple and agile, “less is more” visual character

We break the conventional teapot design, through repeated scrutiny, design a younger receives visual aesthetics, is more younger customers visual aesthetic, aluminum cans material utilization, saving cost, flat art design style. A touching way to taste fresh, easy to turn the button open.

The design of the lid on the head takes Tianlu camellia and sea tea field as creative elements to design the texture and texture of the original scenery of nest tea. Round and round the tea mountain, surrounded by the super IP of Xiangwo tea — “Elephant”, from the inside to the outside of the packaging visual unity, from the outside to the inside of the tea brand value.