Fuse: Mixed Soft Drinks


What makes a product fun? The overall experience of using it. And with Fuse Mixed Soft Drinks, that’s exactly what is being aimed at.

Each bottle comes with a different flavour of soft drink. Customers can either buy it individually or buy 2 different flavours of drink and mix them together to come up with a totally new flavour. The bottles are shaped like a Yin Yang, because users will be engaged in mixing and matching drinks to try and find the “Perfect Balance”, as symbolized by the shape of the bottle and logo.

The typography is in a fluidic font, as the product sold is a smooth drink. The brand has a minimal theme, to be able to induce a sense of harmony in the drink, and curiosity among users.

Fun fact: Tesla Motors came up with a similar-looking bottle design just a few months AFTER this project was developed!