Caring about people who want to eat fresh and don’t have time to cook or wait for delivery from restaurants, Pick Me Up is an excellent solution with its ready-to-eat fresh dishes.

The name itself, “Pick Me Up” represents an easy way to eat fresh and tasty: just pick up the products from the cafe shelves and enjoy salads, bowls, soups made of the freshest ingredients. There are six characters: flat style illustrations with disproportionate body with the dish’s main ingredient as the hero’s hair.

The main character holds “Pick Me Up” as a poster calling the customer to pick up and try the product. The paper tape is designed in a very friendly way that allows customers to see the dish inside.

The packaging colors are bright and inspired from the fresh vegetables in order to create marketing communication from a commercial perspective and stand out on the shelves. As only natural and fresh food is used in the preparation process, a sign with green leaf was designed to convey the idea of non-GMO food.


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