Minas Branding & Packaging Design

“Minas” project was developed as an homage to Minas Avetisyan, an iconic modernist from Armenia.

The goal was to design a wine label that would recreate the aesthetic vision of the “Great Master of Colour” from the 50s. Labels should be inspired by him,not replicate. We wove our concept around his visual codes extracted from Armenian medieval manuscripts and textures of impressionism, and expressionism.

We came up with a simple, yet deeply distinctive visual concept, successfully translating his codes into contemporary and relatable language.

This work recreated his sense, without attaching it to any physical form. We show the “Master of Colour”, bringing the idea of color to the forefront. To enhance the sense of oil x canvas we printed the labels in 3d and added textured paper. This added a more sensual touch to the customer experience.

His signature, fused on the bottle, puts it in the ethically right position to not mistake our work with his original pieces.

In the packaging for wine bottles, we playfully used the idea of an oil tube, as a physical symbol of color. We turned a cliche into a sustainable solution.

The branding campaign also included the renovation of the artist’s museum. It’s yet the only example of a branding that’s socially and culturally engaged.

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