Katna cheeses restore consumer confidence in natural, pure dairy products.

The beloved “Katna” Armenian cheese brand has been created since 2020 with the love and warmth of “MegaFood” company, which is part of the “Galaxy” group of companies.

We started this project from naming, branding, and continued it to digital marketing.

The name “Katna” was chosen as the conceptual basis of the project suggests that dairy products are natural. Later, storytelling was formed around this name ․ Katna is a city that has to supply the world with natural milk, and Nare who is responsible for all this continues the work of his ancestors.

The image of Nare became key for the packaging design. Since the cheese types in the market had mainly red-yellow packaging, they did not differ in anything except the color layer, in the case of Katna, we chose blue, green-red-saturated shades to respectively represent the Chanakh, Suluguni, and Lori cheese types which will allow them to stand out on the shelves.

We kindly undertook the implementation of an advertising campaign based on love that is to enter the market in the form of a new brand. Perceptions of love are different: love for family, relatives, homeland, or profession. It is love that inspires us to achieve our goals and to overcome the most difficult obstacles in life.