Torrent, Valencia, España

WauWau is a new brand of food for dogs with overweight problems, which is why it focuses on low-calorie feed while maintaining the quality of its ingredients. A fun and friendly brand in which pets are the main protagonists of their packs. We designed a logotype that, through the typography and its composition, would remind us of a dog. We had to have a powerful brand that would identify our products very well, as it is a key element in the packaging to position us with respect to the rest of the brands on the shelf.

The use of colour and a dynamic key visual, make the brand recognisable and attractive to consumers. As for the graphics, the photographs of the pets are the basis of it, together with the visual game generated with the claim that the croquettes are adapted for each type of dog’s weight. Photographs in which the expectation of the pet generates interest and desire for the product.


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