Torrent, Valencia, España

“La R” is a brand of craft beers that produces its beers in a sustainable way and from controlled barley, wheat and corn farms. They currently produce two types of beer, Red and Blonde, both made from barley and wheat, but one of them with a touch of orange that gives it colour and a special flavour. Beers with a touch of non-conformism “for the usual”.

Based on the name of the brand, we created a naming architecture that would give coherence to the two current beers and that would mark the path for the next launches. With the letter R as the main character and giving it its own personality, “La Rubia (The BLONDE)” and “La Roja (The RED)” were born. Two names that we already have internalised in the world of beers and that help to identify each of the varieties.

On a graphic level, we mixed resources linked to both the traditional printing process (stamping), together with contemporary graphic elements such as typography and a letter R that will be the basis of the visual identity of the brand and its products. The importance of colour in each of the packs will help us to distinguish the varieties and reinforce their positioning within the categories of types of beer.