Jacomy Mayne Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina

This special gin made in Russia comes in a custom tailor-made bottle and it honors the art deco of the 20s and 30s It tells an unfinished story, a story of overcoming and changing attitudes, just like in jazz. It’s all about seeing the glass half-full and putting on some music too. This gin is jazz and believes us, we know about jazz.

When this project arrived at the studio, its objectives were clear: to create a commercial and elegant brand to compete in the market, but with a different attitude. The main task of the extensive list for the Brass Monkey project was a clear division of product lines within the same brand. To carry out this task, for each line of products divided by price and flavors, illustrations of the varietals with which each product is produced were developed.

Brass Monkey is a new brand of gin from Russia. A distinctive feature of this new product is the nostalgic air of the decade of the 20s and 30s where jazz and art deco was a hallmark of society. The sensation of pleasure and elegance that we wanted to transmit we poured it all into the brass medal of the monkey, where you can read “there are no bad days when the monkey plays” alluding to the fact that the music plays all night, you will always be accompanied .

In general terms, the label design of all product lines is consistent with the same style, based on art deco and realistic illustrations of the fruits with which the corresponding distillate is made. The design of the bottle was a completely personalized process, where the inspiration came from the old containers of the 20s that used all kinds of textures to give volume to the bottles.