Powerhouse Botanicals is a family-operated, small-batch skincare brand shipping out of Newbury, Massachusetts, USA.

The owner Morgan Parker originally approached me to create a set of vector illustrations that highlighted the three cornerstones of her company – Plant Powered, All Natural, No Animal Testing.
From this, a rapport was formed and we began working on the next stage of her vision which was to provide Powerhouse Botanicals with an instantly recognizable mark that encompasses the core values of the business.

Masks, we all wear them in one way or another. This brief thought was the catalyst that transpired through countless drawings, experiments and much-needed failures.

I knew the logo had to say natural, safe, and gender neutral. However, I was also aware that this mark would have to stand the test of time and feel current in years to come. This is why as a designer I believe in the power of what I like to call “The Devine Line”


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