Taboo Design Bureau

Ташкент, Узбекистан

The development of the Uzumfermer brand is gaining momentum every year, covering more and more territories for wine production.

Experiments using local grape varieties and international wine production technologies give rise to an impressive number of new and promising varieties. Also, the company is preparing to export its product, which was the impetus for the creation of a new line of wine intended for export. For wine lovers, the area where the crop was harvested is of great importance. This affects both the taste and the quality of the wine in general.

Since we are going to export wines to other countries, we would like to show the area of origin of our wines. We decided to transfer the contours of the map of the Kibray and Parkent regions to wine bottles as a label. It was decided to name the new line of wines from Uzumfermer – Retrogusto, a word meaning “aftertaste”. The wine develops in stages and the sweetest, most extraordinary stage is the aftertaste. Sometimes it comes with citrus notes, and sometimes with hints of chocolate.