The House of Beefeater and Boundless Brand Design are proud to unveil the highly anticipated return of Crown Jewel – the pinnacle of Beefeater’s gin collection. 

Boundless Brand Design are proud to have partnered with longstanding client partner Beefeater, the World’s Most Awarded Gin1, to reinvent tradition and luxury within the gin category by unveiling Beefeater Crown Jewel, the pinnacle of the brand’s London Dry Gin portfolio. Inspired by the iconic jewels housed in the Tower of London, this modern re-imagining of a rare gem embodies London’s timeless spirit.

Having previously been available as a limited-edition nearly 20 years ago, Beefeater Crown Jewel’s liquid is treasured by bartenders worldwide and is an elevated version of Beefeater’s iconic London Dry Gin recipe with a boldly heightened 50% ABV.

Boundless worked to create a new super premium bespoke ruby-inspired bottle, drawing inspiration from the cuts of precious Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. The luxury engraved closure made from recycled materials, depicts a raven of the Tower of London carrying the Sovereign’s Orb of the Crown Jewel, alongside the gin’s core product botanicals, creating an unwavering premium feel and finish, all brought together in this decanter style bottle.

The packaging design also pays tribute to Beefeater’s London heritage by incorporating the brick design element, bringing consistency with the rest of the Beefeater range.

Hamish Shand, Founder and Creative Director, says; “We were thrilled to have partnered with the team at Beefeater to revive Crown Jewel and redesign the bottle and label to proudly relaunch the gin as the pinnacle of the portfolio. From the bespoke shape to the detailed embellishments, we have ensured each element nods to Beefeater’s celebrated history whilst delivering optimism and excitement for the future”.

Murielle Dessenis, Global Brand Director, comments: “Beefeater Crown Jewel provides those looking for reassurance and status from established international brands with something extra special from Beefeater, the World’s Most Awarded Gin1. By 2024, one in every three bottles of Premium+ Gin will be Super-Premium+1 and it therefore made sense for us to consider bringing back our Ultra-Premium Gin from our archives that had previously been so well received by world renowned bartenders and connoisseurs. Beefeater’s most guarded gem is now reborn into a modern icon. The crème de la crème of London Dry Gin is back.”

Beefeater Crown Jewel will be available from October in 16 countries. Keep an eye out for further launch details, including how this Ultra-Premium classic London Dry Gin will explode onto digital channels and reinvent the meaning of luxury within the world of gin.

[1] IWSR 2020

[1] Based on International Spirits Awards from 2004 to 2021


Founder & Executive Creative Director: Hamish Shand
Creative Director: Sean O'Donovan
Design Director: Will Walker
Client Services Director: Abigail Scott-Sauro
Beefeater Gin