Marbella Perfumes: Nature + Luxury in a Bottle

ricardo gomez

Helida Dodd stopped wearing perfume for 12 years when morning sickness played tricks on her sense of smell during her first pregnancy. Although fragrance had always brought her lots of joy, Helida was sure the assault on her senses from her favorite perfumes meant she would never wear perfume again. Then a spontaneous trip to a tea shop led her to Fortnum & Mason, a London retailer famous for their natural fragrances. When Helida departed for home in Miami, Florida, her head was swimming with possibilities. Soon after, she enrolled in a course in the UK, met artisan perfumer Karen Gilbert, and her entrepreneurial journey began.

The Challenge

Helida knew Marbella Perfumes would be different. In the same way that synthetic fragrances irritated her and were disruptive to her wellbeing, she wanted to be sure that everything from the ingredients to the final product packaging would be sourced with sustainability and integrity. Handcrafted in small batches using raw ingredients sourced from small farms, Marbella Perfumes meet the highest standards of safety and purity and are certified by the International Fragrance Association.

According to the Fragrance Conservatory, scent is the only sense linked to memory and emotion. Called the Proustian memory effect, memories of fragrance have been shown to be longer-lasting and more detailed than memories created from other senses. Helida wants to make customers feel pampered without compromising their health or that of the planet. “My goal is to show people that nature and luxury can come together perfectly in a bottle,” she says. “I want my customers to love their perfume and feel special from start to finish.”

“I didn’t want to do one thing right without doing all things right,” explains Helida. “Traditional perfumes are associated with elegance, but sustainability is rarely elegant. Elegant packaging usually equates to an enormous amount of waste. I knew I would have to find packaging that was unusual, elegant, and environmentally responsible. It was not an easy road. I scoured the internet looking for sustainable packaging that also wouldn’t immediately land in the trash. I wanted to find something that people would be compelled to keep, something they would use after opening the box.”

In addition to helping us tap into emotional memories, fragrance may also support brain function. Positively associated with nostalgia, memory, and self-image, researchers believe certain scents can evoke pleasant feelings and improve overall well-being.

The Solution

Helida found our paper tubes and knew they would be the right solution. “I loved Paper Tube Co. tubes from the get-go. No plastic lining, totally recyclable and compostable, and they look fabulous. They are perfect for my travel size fragrance, and make our products very travel-friendly—toss it in your bag or purse and find it easily. The tubes offer the best protection against damage when you want to take it with you. The total package is exquisite and is a perfect complement to the Marbella brand.”

As an industrial engineer with experience in logistics and supply chain management, Helida is accustomed to solving problems. She was pleased to find our team open to questions and collaboration throughout the process. “I had a million questions,” says Helida. “The Paper Tube Co. team was so patient with me and answered every single one. Phone calls, emails; nothing was too much and I felt supported throughout the entire process. The final design wraps so beautifully around the tube. I am incredibly pleased with the way it translated—it’s pretty and stands out in just the right way. My experience with Paper Tube Co. checked all the boxes.”

The Future

As the new business grows, Helida is committed to her intentional process. “Composing a perfume is like telling a story, with a beginning, middle, and end. As the story unfolds, scent takes us back to special moments in time, favorite places, childhood memories, even foods we love. At Marbella, we take pride in ensuring the story of the fragrance is unique and special for the wearer. Ingredients are curated, and raw materials are sourced from small farmers whenever possible to ensure minimal impact on the environment throughout the process. Small batches ensure the fragrance is always fresh and won’t ever sit on a shelf for long.”

Room fragrances are up next for Marbella and although she never dreamed she’d be a perfumer and entrepreneur, Helida is excited about the future. “This is about so much more than just helping people smell pretty; it’s really about emotional health. We store the memory of scent in our brain’s limbic system and the average wearer doesn’t even realize how beneficial natural fragrances can be for their wellbeing. My hope is that Marbella Perfumes inspires others, to be well, to stay connected, and to follow their dreams.” “

Working with Paper Tube Co. was such a pleasure. The team was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions thoroughly. They were super friendly, kind, and patient. They guided me through the printing process and were such a delight to work with. I highly recommend the product for its quality, and even more so for the customer service I received. Great experience! 5 stars!” –Helida Dodd, founder & perfumer, Marbella Perfumes