Flouwer Co: Blossoming Success with Elevated Packaging

ricardo gomez

Picture this: a cocktail infused with delicate edible flowers, finishing sugars that glisten like gems, and garnishing salts that transform any dish into a work of art. For foodies, dining out is an opportunity to experience beautiful, extraordinary flavors that heighten the senses and make noshing and nibbling memorable. Before setting out on their entrepreneurial journey, neighbors Kristen Kapoor and Theresa Halliburton were foodies who loved creating beautiful and elaborate spreads at home for friends and family almost as much as exploring the Colorado dining scene. As their passion project took shape, they soon realized the unique products they created to bring their creations to new heights were missing from the shelves of their favorite grocers.

A Blooming Beginning

“We couldn’t understand why there was such a gap between the conventional products in the aisles at the grocery store and the food and drinks we enjoyed while visiting new spots on the chic dining scene,” says Kapoor. “As two busy working moms, we wanted to enjoy good food without all the fuss, especially since going out all the time just isn’t practical.” Assuming they weren’t the only ones looking for inspiration at home, the pair discovered that one of the most natural ways to elevate their creations was by incorporating edible flowers into their recipes. They started baking artisanal crackers featuring edible flowers from their gardens. As the Flouwer Co. brand grew, so did the product line, which now includes cocktail cubes, finishing sugars, and garnishing salts, with everything featuring all-natural, plant-based, and floral-infused ingredients.

The Packaging Predicament

Creating high-quality products was just the beginning of Flouwer Co.’s journey to success. They knew their packaging had to be equally exceptional to stand out in the crowded fancy food and beverage marketplace. “Packaging was actually the biggest barrier to progress in building our brand,” explains Kapoor. “We tried boxes, envelopes, and heat-sealable bags, but none matched the elegance we were trying to convey.”

The Missing Tube

Flouwer Co. needed a packaging solution that was not just visually appealing but also functional, eco-friendly, and able to adequately protect their delicate products. The Paper Tube Co. offered an elevated approach to packaging that aligned perfectly with Flouwer Co.’s values and vision. “Their elevated approach to packaging tubes is absolutely the reason we chose The Paper Tube Co.,” says Kapoor. “We had an excellent designer, but we wanted to make sure the construction of the tube was also upscale in look and feel. The final tube design is gorgeous, and the construction of it met us on the level we hoped for.”

A Flourishing Future

Flouwer Co. found the missing piece to its brand identity puzzle with our paper tube packaging solutions. Their products are no longer hidden away in cupboards but proudly displayed on bar carts, ready to join the party. With packaging that truly reflects the essence of its brand, Flouwer Co. is blossoming in the fancy food and beverage marketplace.