REMEZair detergents for vacuum cleaners

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Липецк, Липецкая обл., Россия

REMEZair detergents for vacuum cleaners

REMEZ is a Russian brand of modern climate and cleaning equipment. The goal of the company is to create technological modern devices with a long service life and guaranteed service support.The company decided to release eco detergents for washing vacuum cleaners, which are produced by the company under the brand name REMEZair. Therefore, in order to maintain continuity, the detergents have also been branded under their own brand name.

REMEZair detergents for vacuum cleaners are manufactured on the basis of advanced European technologies. All components are safe for humans, do not cause irritation and have hypoallergenic properties. Hypoallergenic components of high quality from leading European companies. Active components effectively remove all types of dirt on all hard surfaces.

REMEZair detergent range includes detergents for different types of rooms:

  • KidSpace, for children’s rooms and people who are particularly sensitive to allergens;
  • UniClean, a universal cleaner for all types of flooring;
  • KitchenArea, an anti-grease cleaner for kitchen surfaces;
  • PetZone, an odor remover for pet owners.

The design of the packaging is made as clean and minimalistic as possible, to convey a sense of cleanliness from the use of the cleaner. The packaging is done in the color scheme of the brand, thus maintaining continuity with the parent brand. The differentiation of the products is done by the product name, the color bars and the corresponding thematic images.


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