In Bulgaria, we perfectly know that the “pocket” is not just a part of a garment. The pocket sandwich made of hollowed pita bread with fillings inside was part of our breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many of us, it has smeared our t-shirts, and many times has astonished us with its taste and nutritiousness. And indeed, the pocket sandwich is not just a regular sandwich. It’s a whole culture. We wanted to“dress up” this culture in a bright, remarkable, and modern vision with a pinch of a retro vibe. And we are more than happy that the guys from Good Job* trusted us and proved that they are brave not only in the kitchen.

*The name of the brand Good Job is a game of words in Bulgarian. The word “job” [ʤɒb] has a similar pronunciation to the Bulgarian word for “pocket” – “джоб” [dzhob]. “Гуд Джоб”, or in English “Good Job” is a funny allegory for a delicious sandwich.

Art Direction, Naming, Packaging, Graphic Design, and Photography by Marka Collective