Introducing OMV! Deliciously Vegan.


Oh my Vegan!

OurCreative evolve Asda’s Plant Based brand, creating the new OMV deliciously vegan brand.

Asda wanted to move with the times and turn their successful ‘Plant Based’ brand into two separate destination brands to suit different need states.

Plant Based continues to offer nutritionally balanced meat-free meals that don’t compromise on flavour, whereas a new brand was needed to celebrate decadent, tasty treats.

OMV! Is the range that proves there’s no need to hide when it comes to delicious Vegan food.

A modern and distinctive sub brand with attitude, to entice Vegan’s, Flexitarians and meat reducers alike. Drawing a younger crowd through bold, colourful branding and mouth-watering photography.

With a brandmark that’s unapologetically bold and ballsy and a contrasting colour palette that can be switched up to create a powerful pop on shelf, OMV! is impossible to miss.

A range that likes to flex it’s muscles… With two logo options, multiple colourways and hardly any restrictions for text placement allows for the most impactful photography as well as pace and pop on shelf.

You’re a Vegan who loves ice cream? We’ve got you. Who said Vegans can’t enjoy indulgent treats? Our delicious, inspiring and indulgent range means you never have to worry about FOMO!



Creative Director: Jon Dignam
Production Director : Paul Porter
Visualiser : Chris Charlton
Senior Account Manager: Alyssia Taylor