Introducing Asda’s new organic brand identity from OurCreative.

Having no organic brand identity, Asda required a new, credible brand to appeal to consumers looking for the ethical and taste benefits of eating organic. Asda wanted to make organic choices accessible to all with clear communication of the benefits to a value seeking audience.

Re-imagining this category as one, the O taken from the logo has been crafted into a viewfinder, celebrating the natural beauty of organic produce, providing reassurance that Asda’s products are expertly picked for their ethical sourcing, premium quality and exceptional taste.

The natural “from the earth” photography has a raw, grainy, cinematic feel to accentuate the organic nature of the products.

The cohesive, distinct, and ownable brand identity appeals to ethical consumers who want to be good to their mind, body and planet.  The sophisticated green panel is an identifiable beacon for organic in store, elevating the range from mid-tier.



Creative Director : Jon Dignam
Senior Designer : Joe Wallis
Production Director : Paul Porter
Client Service Director: Sara Pollard
Illustrator & retoucher : Chris Charlton
Managing Director : Kim Van Elkan