Say a happy hello to Hapello!

Asda’s split from Walmart presented an exciting opportunity for OurCreative to create a new exclusive toy brand identity. An incredibly fun project to immerse ourselves in! From toys to cartoons, we left no building blocks unturned in our brand creation and naming workshops.

The fun and colourful brand identity is inspired from building blocks, which in turn build the brands foundations in shaping development through play.

The warm primary colour palette combined with the geometric ‘blocks’ of the logo create a modern playful identity.  These ‘blocks’ are used to create age and range appropriate patterns, graphical elements and characters across multiple categories.

Being a complex category stretching across different ranges and different ages, we created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure the various suppliers could comfortably apply the new design to the products. Age and category appropriate playful elements were supplied, ranging from background patterns to cute characters

Whether indoor or outdoor, the photography was all about capturing the joy of play in the moment.

Hapello is a playful, fun and joyous identity, reassuring parents that Hapello will help their children along their path of discovery and development from baby, pre-school and beyond.



Creative Director : Jon Dignam
Senior Designer : Joe Wallis
Managing Director: Kim Van Elkan
Visualiser : Chris Charlton
Production Director : Paul Porter