Rotterdam, Netherlands

Suite 437 is a premium subscription coffee company for the ambitious. The brand concept originated in the intense and direct confidence of Italian fashion brands, and their signature theme:  sprezzatura.

A term that’s recently become popular in the fashion world, sprezzatura is the art of making effort seem effortless.

Products were named after characters from Baldassare’s sixteenth-century Book of the Courtier, where the concept of sprezzatura originated. The book lists key personalities who influenced and impacted the early Italian Renaissance period. Select courtiers were given a coffee that matched their personality.

Supporting copy further linked key moods, the product name, and outcomes for an ambitious customer, such as focusing, negotiating, cultivating confidence.

Channelling the heart of Italian fashion, Studio Otherness developed a modern interpretation of Milanese Art Deco with black-on-black detailing and gold accents to frame the coffee’s personalities.