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Vicenzi Cookies gets a makeover for the U.S. Market

Matilde Vicenzi’s legacy traces back to 1905, when a small but exquisite line of pastries -ladyfingers, amaretti, and puff pastries – was created for the first time. Subsequently, Giuseppe Vicenzi took over his grandmother’s legacy to expand the company into an industry with one main focus: to produce a wide range of premium baked goods. Today, Vicenzi is known and appreciated in over 100 countries as an international symbol of fine Italian pastry. Vicenzi Cookies’ strength lies in using excellent raw materials that possess a unique flavor. The product is a delicious cream filling enveloped in crumbly short pastry, with mouthwatering ingredients that please the palate in unexpected ways: a must-have for all seekers of sweet moments.

Vicenzi commissioned QNY Creative to redesign the packaging for the U.S. market while keeping the brand’s characteristic artisanal component. The packaging’s background is an ode to Matilde Vicenzi’s old recipe book, in the form of a handwritten letter. The center and bottom of the new packaging represent two distinctive elements: The soft-baked cookies are made with natural ingredients and real chocolate and possess a crispy creamy filling – hence, showcased right at the center of the package. The authentic flavor, on the other hand, is represented by the bottom section, in which the color can change depending on the flavor, from brown to other colors, such as lemon or raspberry, giving room to a future line expansion.

Finally, in order to respect and praise the product’s origins, QNY Creative has included the Italian flag and map: two fundamental markers of Italianity; and reflects the artisanal process of baking cookies through the packaging’s vintage texture and letterforms.


QNY Creative

DuMont Building, 515 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA
Creative Director: Ezio Burani
Art Director: Samantha Clemente-Galbo
Art Director: Ana Camero
Graphic Design: Marija Schmitt
3D Design: Ilya Volgin
Brand Strategy: Campara de Haan
Vicenzi S.p.A