Dr. Morepen’s skin care/wellness line – HAPPIER

Hyphen Brands

Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


The design brief was simple.

Create a distinct packaging design for Dr. Morepen’s skin care/wellness line – HAPPIER. Traditional skincare/wellness packaging design caters to the visual appetite of buyers in the retail space.

So while we knew that our packaging design had to look visually arresting, but with a brand name like happier, we decided that we wanted to achieve a greater purpose.

Because unfortunately, the visually impaired don’t get to enjoy the luxury of such a consumer experience. Happier decided to change that by taking a leap with its design by not only playing with product textures but also creating a more inclusive packaging for all consumers to enjoy.

Happier created a first-of-its-kind brand identity for their skincare line with a pinpoint focus on the ingredient story of every product. The design included the letter ‘H’ with embossed smears of each product’s ingredient texture, colour, and fragrance, so buyers could get an authentic feel for it even before using it.

The monolithic ‘H’ on the pack face not only provides a strong template, but the negative Space also serves as a product texture sampling area.

The promise of a happier world is delivered with maximum impact because the brand has the unique balance of having access to the best herbs and the best scientific knowledge of its mother brand, Dr. Morepen.

No detail was too small. The vast knowledge of herbs was used to create a livery pattern that was used in the carton’s inner lining.

Within a few weeks of its launch, this braille-enabled packaging design put Happier on the radar of make-up influencers across town. With a growing social media community paying heed to our new design approach organically, paid sponsorships weren’t needed. A simple packaging innovation made the world of the visually impaired a happier place and brought to life our inclusive philosophy of making everyone ‘Happier Everyday!’.

Through this endeavour, Happier opened the eyes of other brands in the category to consider adopting this design innovation to create a more seamless and inclusive consumer experience.

A happier experience means a packaging design that is truly inclusive.