Club Colombia Eterno – Una Historia Nonuya

Juan Herrera

Deep in the Amazon Forest resides a Colombia no one knows,
One that makes us very proud. The Nonuya is an indigenous community that has given birth to Don Abel to the world.
The only plant namer on the planet, a botanical and ancient world-famous artist who has given his life to preserving his culture, language, and the heritage of his people; endangered today due to indiscriminate felling, internal wars, and interests of only a few. A treasure about to disappear deserves to be preserved, to be known, and to be eternal.

Club Colombiapresents:
Eterno, A Nonuya Story

The first special edition ever created to immortalize, recover and pay tribute to our Native history, through Don Abel Rodriguez’s work. An interpretation of four of his most important artwork in four commemorative cans, to preserve the strokes of his ancient painting technique.
A design that connected to the reality of the Nonuya territory in the Amazon rainforest. A detailed process that required thousands of tests to avoid losing details of the artist’s work and essence.A worthy outcome of an artwork that is not only aesthetic but with the humble purpose of replanting part of the Amazon Rainforest with Saving the Amazon with each purchase. A design that turned supermarkets into art galleries and art galleries into places to make the Nonuya culture and their prime exponent, Don Abel, eternal.

A special edition Don Abel feels as his own.
That provided the world with a Nonuya story.


Juan Herrera

CCO: Joffre Carmona
CXO: Quimet Brugues
CEO: José Mendoza
DCG: Horacio Maggi - Cristián Tufano
Director Creativo: Juan Herrera - Andrés Rubio
Director de Arte: Andrés Rubio - Daniel Díaz - Francisco Kalatayú
Diseño Gráfico: Daniel Díaz - Andrés Rubio
Producción Audiovisual: Diego Borjas - Monica Latorre
Producción BTL: Mario Galvis
Planning: Daniel Cuervo - Juliana Espinoza
Director de cuenta: Mauricio Álvarez
Gerente de cuenta: Valeria Uribe
Director de marca: Juan Camilo López
Gerente de marca: Juan Falabella - Juan Serna
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