Philippe Archontakis (byHAUS studio)

5661 de Lanaudière, Montréal, QC H2G 1V8, Canada

Building a brand that rethinks our relationship with the kitchen.

Kana offers beautiful, affordable, and sustainable cookware. Their refreshing design philosophy and ethical practices bring joy and simplicity to every task. We were commissioned to develop the brand’s visual universe as well as the entire packaging system for their products. The brand identity includes a serif logo, beginning with an easily recognizable K. We also provided the platform with an engaging brand tagline (Goods Made Better) that announces their aspiration to offer a range of sustainable and timeless products. The packaging system we have developed reflects this same promise of quality and simplicity. The collection of shipping boxes is the perfect example: while being entirely biocompostable, its colorful and functional character adds happiness to the post-purchase experience.


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