Loshian, a joint venture between the world-renowned cosmetics company L’Oreal and the Shilla Hotel in Korea, is proud to introduce SHIHYO, a new luxury beauty brand fusing naturality and cosmetic efficacy. SHIHYO offers an intelligent and sophisticated brand experience through unique beauty offerings.

SHIHYO is inspired by the 24 seasons, which originated from China. This wisdom was a guide to harvest ingredients at the right moment to capture the healthy energy of nature. Shihyo offers an invigorating skincare routine through a short yet complete routine of activating essence, 24 different ampoules, and cream. Shihyo’s ampoule recommendation system offers a discovery journey and rich sensoriality that has never been seen before. SHIHYO’s gifting experience system combines gift experience design, graphic motif design, package design, and goods system to create a subtle and luxurious mood throughout the flagship at Shilla Hotel Seoul. This creates a one-of-a-kind brand experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression for the customers.


SHIHYO draws inspiration from the 24 seasons originating from China, encapsulating the essence of each season in its products. With a sincere commitment to promote natural beauty, SHIHYO uses herbs as raw materials to create a customized prescription tailored to each individual’s unique needs. The result is a high-level customization system that allows customers to select two out of 24 ampoules, each with a sophisticated mood.

SHIHYO’s Tailored Kit includes two ampoules and a discovery pouch, wrapped in the brand’s signature package. Each ampoule is delicately wrapped with a card that expresses the 24 seasons, adding a touch of elegance to the gifting experience. SHIHYO have carefully crafted the entire process into a 1:1 customer experience system. SHIHYO’s gifting experience design allows customers to feel the brand’s value in a unique and beautiful way. Through our gifting experience design system, we aim to create a lasting impression and foster a deep connection with our customers.


YNL Design aims to reinterpret the unique beauty of the brand that leaves a lasting impression. YNL Design have developed a graphic motif inspired by the brand’s design heritage, namely the elegant and organic curves. This motif, which resembles the blank space found in nature, is incorporated into our overall package design system. The main color used is tea purple, which symbolizes SHIHYO’s brand values, with warm white and noble organic colors inspired by brass bowls used as sub colors. We have also created a pendant with a texture resembling organic color and a multi-colored nobang cloth with a see-through, moist texture, to awaken the senses beyond visual design.

At YNL Design, we have carried out a total gifting experience design, including tailored kit design, discovery pouch design, shopping bag design, wrapping paper, symbol sticker, and goods design. We have focused on harmonizing the overall look and feel of our brand and offline store to create an unforgettable and luxury brand experience. Our packaging system is designed with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating features such as semi-transparent wrapping paper, copper foil stickers, 24 seasons cards, and receipt holders that showcase elegant curves.

YNL Design believe that beautiful gifting should engage all five senses, and we have achieved this by using white soufflé velvet paper and creating a harmonious design system that is both visually striking and tactile. Our aim is to provide a luxurious and memorable brand experience that captures the essence of the unique beauty.


Art Direction & Design: Liz Yoona Lee
Brand Design: Soi Sohee Kim
Brand Design: Eunhye Lee