AceFarm launched its brand “이로에” with a genuine philosophy, offering a total (Inner & Outer) beauty care solution using fresh aloe directly cultivated from a clean and pure region in Mungyeong. In a rapidly changing and uncertain modern society, AceFarm presents products that provide a sense of safety and allows consumers to make confident choices. Moreover, the brand proposes sustainable solutions for a better future, benefiting both individuals and the world. The brand’s commitment to honesty and focus on natural ingredients leads to a brand experience that enhances overall well-being, from deep immunity to radiant skin.


YNL Design derived keywords encapsulating the brand value of “이로에,” which emphasizes a healthy and positive lifestyle. The brand name itself combines the adjective “이로운” (meaning ‘beneficial’ or ‘positive’) and the noun “알로에” (aloe), directly cultivating the essence of fresh aloe to convey the core values of a healthier and more positive product in an intuitive way. The brand slogan, “pure life, pure beauty, pure aloe,” poetically and symbolically expresses the brand’s unique selling point: cultivating and creating products directly from the pure and pristine nature, assuring customer confidence. Overall, the brand’s look and feel are serene, emotional, and subtle, seamlessly integrating with every aspect of our lives, bringing out the essence of a beneficial life through expressive and intuitive communication.


YNL Design visualized the brand identity of “이로에” by embodying the honest belief in using directly cultivated fresh aloe and the transparent and flexible aloe gel. It creatively constructs a unique wordmark, where elements come together within a structured framework, expressing cohesion and permeation in an unprecedented way. The brand’s color system draws inspiration from the pristine nature, with soft and calm tones, harmoniously using various shades of green to reflect the natural essence of aloe and evoking a serene atmosphere. The beautiful green gradient, representing the aloe graphic motif, symbolically conveys the beneficial effects of “이로에,” radiating from deep within our bodies to our glowing skin. Additionally, the use of embossing in the package design signifies the positive impact “이로에” has on our lives, creating a tactile experience that resonates with the brand’s value. The vertical layout in packaging, shopping bags, brochures, and other applications delivers information in a poetic and subtle manner, allowing the brand to appeal more attractively and differentiate itself emotionally to customers. For packaging materials, “이로에” utilizes FSC-certified nature packs made from bamboo pulp, which grows faster than regular trees, making it a sustainable option that decomposes 100% after use, reducing environmental impact. YNL Design crafted a comprehensive brand identity that reflects the brand’s genuine and positive sustainable belief, ensuring a powerful and attractive brand appeal to customers from the brand name to the brand identity, and package design.