Davide Choi is a fine jewelry brand that captures the craftspersonship of a jewelry expert and iconic design. Designer Gyeong-mi Choi, who worked as a designer in Italy, launched the brand in Korea in 2012 by the name that suites her androgynous jewelry design. Davide Choi, an Italian-based brand, currently opened a luxury boutique at the Hyundai Department Store at the Trade Center, showcasing a variety of jewelry and diamond wedding rings.

The project’s goal was to deliver a consistent gifting experience at various customer touchpoints by building an identity as a fine jewelry brand that is more flexible than the existing target group and can encompass a variety of age groups as a visual identity system. Davide Choi commissioned a ring gift set design that could capture the hearts of women of all ages, from existing customers to the MZ generation, with diamond wedding rings and couple rings. We intended to develop a special gifting experience through the distinct value of Davide Choi to break away from existing notions such as lack of brand color or moderate image.

YNL Design was in charge of Davide Choi’s design development strategy, printing supervision, and management for the jewelry package. We visualized strength and delicacy by reinterpreting the diamond, the strongest gem stone, and the peony, which is Davide Choi’s signature flower and means ‘shy’ in flower language. We established a delicate visual system by developing the D symbol and graphic motif representing diamond and peony. We used the existing sophisticated and modern black and the pastel pink resembling the lovely peony blossom to express robust beauty. Davide Choi’s brand identity and gifting package will provide customers with a premium, special gifting experience.


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YNL Design 

Art Direction & Design: Liz Yoona Lee

Brand Design: Kyonga Haley Oh, HeeJae Choi